Placing on fairways

Course update

Please note under local rules, the committee have decided to keep placing on all fairways apart from PAR 3’S.

The placing rule is until further notice. Placing is within 6″ of your ball and not a club length.

Thank you


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Onyx Open Trophy Result

Congratulations to Neil Bontoft & Peter Rose who won the Onyx Trophy with 43 points.

There were 5 teams who all managed 43 points, but on count back Neil and Peter won.

2nd was Rick Howden & Matt Drewry

3rd was Tom Wright & Mandy Doolan

4th was Gordon Brown & Mark Chambers

5th was Steve Allen & D Sanby

Quite a few teams managed over 40 points, well done to everyone

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Latest Events

Dear Member.

The committee have now agreed the entertainment for the forthcoming evening events. Vice Captains Day, Captains Day and Presidents Day. Our last event “Race Night”, was poorly attended by members. The events are organised by the committee to give variety to your club. We also run the events to raise money to assist with our budgets and improve your facilities and golf course.

Can we ask our members to try and make the events a success by gracing us with your attendance please.

Thank you

Management Carholme Golf Club

Next Events


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Members Notice

Message from Competitions Committee in respect of Gentlemen Competitions

 Dear Members,

I hope you are all looking forward to the new playing season. There have been several changes since the close of the 2018 playing season and we thought that we would advise you about these changes which will be operation for the 2019 competition season. 

  • Some Rules of Golf changed with effect from 1st January 2019, make sure you are familiar with these changes.
  • Carholme GC will be encouraging ready golf in all competitions and recommend that players take no longer than 40 seconds over a shot (that is from the moment they start to address the ball).
  • Also Carholme GC in all its competitions WILL NOT be introducing a local rule, that allows players to drop a new ball in the vicinity of where their ball has gone out of bounds.
  • To enter a Competition this will still be via the HowDidIDo system and logging in for individual competitions / Score entry will still be via the computer located in the clubhouse, so please ensure your have a gold card, the card works and you have funds in your account.
  • Competition charges will remain the same this year (including entering the two’s sweep), but £2.00 of the entry fee will be set aside as Competition Sweep entry. By the clarification of this, it allows the Competitions Committee to reimburse any sweep money (including 2’s) won by individuals after 1st January 2019, to be paid out in cash if requested.
  • Also after every competition, the sweep money won will be credited to the individuals account immediately and will not require them to attend the presentation evening. Details of sweep allocation will be displayed on the Competition result sheet.
  • The format of Presentation evenings is also altering to quartely events and only the winner(s) of the Competition will be required to attend (collar and tie still required) – this change has happened due to the number of no shows experienced last year.
  • At the end of the golfing year – anyone who has over £50 on their competitions charges account will be contacted to understand how they wish for the surplus to be dealt with, either:
    • Surplus amount refunded in cash
    • Surplus amount provided in voucher of choice
    • Surplus amount deducted from the following years subscriptions

We hope you have an enjoyable 2019 competition season at Carholme GC

Andy Hartley              Nigel Smith

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Welcome to your new website

Welcome to your new website at Carholme Golf Club.

The website is currently in Beta mode and this is the time for members to check the site for any errors, any additional items they might want adding.

Can I ask everyone to check the site and if there are any issues to Email Andy at

Carholme appreciate your patience whilst the site was being built and hope you will enjoy the new experience.

Carholme Golf Club

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