WHS Information

Your WHS Handicap

Please find below all the details about WHS and what it means to you and our course.
We have uploaded 3 documents which you can download for information.

1) Carholme Golf Club Official Index Certificate

2) Carholme Golf Club Handicap Table

3) Player Match Allowance Table

Also below is the web page of WHS in an IFrame, which will give you all the information about the new world handicap.

MyEG app

Golfers can now pre-register and post scores from general play rounds at any rated course in England via the ‘My England Golf’ app.

The new function is ‘live’ and available to all members of affiliated golf clubs in England who hold a World Handicap System handicap index.

To discover how to download the ‘My EG’ app for Apple or Android devices, please click here.

Through the app, golfers can enjoy the flexibility of recording scores for handicap purposes from either 9-hole or 18-hole social rounds played in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping.

Once a player has downloaded the app and activated their account, it couldn’t be simpler to pre-register a round at, or near, the venue of choice and then input a score.

Open your ‘My EG’ app by tapping the icon
Click on the ‘Enter Score’ function at the foot of the dashboard screen
Follow the step-by-step instructions
In order to protect the integrity of the handicap system, please note the following:

Geo-location technology will ensure pre-registering the intent to post a score can only be done in close proximity to the course where the round will take place
A time lag will be in operation from the point where intent to play a round is registered to the stage when a score can be accepted
A golfer’s final score must be verified by a playing partner who has witnessed the round and who holds a World Handicap System handicap index.
By allowing scores to be easily added to a player’s record from general play rounds at any rated venue on the England Golf platform, it will be possible to build a more complete and accurate record of a golfer’s actual playing ability.

This new score input functionality adds to the options currently available to the 150,000 users who have downloaded the app.

By using the app, golfers can already discover their handicap index and track their scoring record from which that index is calculated.

Players can use the unique course calculator to work out their course handicap for any set of tees at any English course registered on the England Golf platform.

The ability to link up with friends and follow their scores throughout the season is another popular feature of the app.

Golfers can download the ‘My EG’ app for smartphone or tablet by going to the relevant app store and searching for ‘England Golf’.

Existing app users should have the new function installed automatically. If the score entry function is not immediately apparent on the dashboard screen, then users should check/refresh updates on their device to ensure the latest version of the ‘My EG’ app is installed.

World Handicap Further information

You can find more information about how your World Handicap works at the following websites: