16 October POTTERGATE away Draw 2.5 to 2.5

10 October MILLFIELD home Won 4.5 to 1.5

3 October BLANKNEY home Won 3.5 to 2.5

12 September BELTON WOODS home Lost 5 to 3, an improvement on the first leg!

5 September Tri Club match at Carholme Third leg result Oakmere Park 22 points Pottergate 38 points Carholme 36 points
Total scores Oakmere Park 91 points Pottergate 99 points Carholme 98 points
Congratulations to Pottergate.

23 August BLANKNEY away Draw, a good result for us

15 August SOUTHWELL home Draw 3.5 to 3.5, John Mitchell presented his cup to Graham for saving his life. Southwell beat us on aggregate 8.5 to 5.5 so the cup will be held by them until we do battle next year

6 August COLLEGE PINES away Lost 5 to 1, honours even over the 2 matches. Credit to Nisbet and Young for avoiding the whitewash.

1 August POTTERGATE home Lost 5 to 1 with Young/Mellor saving the blushes. Not quite the whole story because one of the Pottergate victories was gained by Horstead/Garraway on loan for the match.

18 July LACEBY MANOR home Won 5.5/2.5

11 July RETFORD home Draw 3/3. Close call for Carl S with a 12 inch nearest the pin win

4 July OAKMERE PARK home Lost 3.5/2.5

27 June COLLEGE PINES home Won 5 to 1

19 June Tri Club match at Pottergate Total after 2 matches
Oakmere Park 33 points 69 points Carholme 30 points 62 points Pottergate 33 points 61 points
Final match at Carholme Wednesday 5th. September

20 June BELTON WOODS away Lost 5 to 1. Whitewash avoided by Gardiner/Carraway with an unbeatable combined handicap of 54!!

14 June LACEBY MANOR away Draw 3.5/3.5

18 May OAKMERE PARK away Lost 6 to 0 Enough said!

03 May Tri Club match at Oakmere Park
Oakmere Park 36 points Carholme 32 points Pottergate 28 points
Comprised of 8 x 3 ball matches. 6 pts win match, 4 pts second and 2 pts third. Good result on tight course with home match to come. The home match follows the away match at Pottergate.

27 April SOUTHWELL away Lost 5 to 2

Our annual friendly match with Southwell ended with win for Southwell. Well done to Paul Beavan, Dave James, Ken Watson, and Barry B they were the only winners. Southwell now take 5 points to our 2 aggregate to Carholme when they play us at home for the John Mitchell Trophy in August.

19 April RETFORD away An honourable draw

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